Taiga Bean Goose © Jari Peltomaki



Strengthening the goose monitoring network

The EGMP Data Centre welcomed national goose monitoring coordinators from 12 different range states to a workshop in Denmark.

Division of Greylag Goose populations in Finland

Using satellite tracking and neckband resightings, Antti Piironen and Toni Laaksonen from the University of Turku, reveal in a newly published paper the existence and structure o

Fascinating Research published on New Population of Pink-footed Goose

Fascinating new research paper documenting formation of a new migration route and a disjunct breeding population of Pink-footed Goose has been published in Current Biology.

Webinar on Geese and Risks to Air Safety

We are excited to announce that the EGMP will start off the new y

Delighted to Announce The 7th AEWA European Goose Management International Working Group (EGM IWG7)

Tthe 7th Meeting of the AEWA European Goose Management International Working Group (EGM IWG7) is set to be held in Helsinki, Finland, on the 21-23 June 2022.

Branta Leucopsis  - Barnacle Goose

Webinar by the Agricultural Task Force - on the 10th of June, at 13:00 – 14:30 CET


Welcome to the third webinar arranged by the Agriculture Task Force!

Lesser White-fronted Goose © You-Sheng Lin

Peer-reviewed Article Published on Lesser White-fronted Geese in Kazakhstan

A scientific peer-reviewed journal article has been published as a result of an AEWA funded project - Assessing Motivations for the Illegal Killing of Lesser White-fronted Geese at Key Sites in Kaz

Szablocs - Greylag Goose

Recent Publication on the New Migratory Habits of Swedish Greylag geese

Title: Leapfrog migration and residents: New migratory habits in Swedish Greylag geese.

Nagy Rubicon

New Publication on the Migration Patterns of Swedish Greylag geese

Title: The European Journal of Wildlife Research recently published the "Migration patterns of Swedish Greylag geese Anser anser - implications for flyway management in a changing

AEWA's New Intern Tara

Tara is the new Public Information intern with AEWA.