Strengthening the goose monitoring network

Strengthening the goose monitoring network

23 November 2023

The EGMP Data Centre welcomed national goose monitoring coordinators from 12 different range states to a workshop in Denmark. The main purpose of the workshop was to establish an informal coordinator network, but also to give all participants an overview of the ongoing national monitoring activities as well as the history, mandates and activities of the EGMP.

Through in-depth discussions of the current monitoring efforts, the workshop also served to identify knowledge gaps and issues related to data flow whilst providing an opportunity to discuss how the national coordinators can collaborate with the EGMP Data Centre to improve these.

The workshop was held in Denmark, at Dragør Badehotel, which was also the venue of the first meeting leading up to the management plan for the Svalbard population of Pink-footed Goose in 2010. Very fitting, as this plan was the first step towards the establishment of the EGMP several years later.

Hopefully, the outcomes of the workshop will soon become evident to all members of the EGMP community, as various initiatives will be taken to strengthen the goose monitoring network, improving monitoring efforts and enhancing communication within and beyond the EGMP on matters related to monitoring and management of relevant goose populations.

More information on the workshop, including the meeting agenda, notes and presentations, can be found here: